As you can imagine what we know as the Panhandle of Florida is much, much different then what it used to be.  When Bay County was carved out from Washington and Calhoun counties in the early 20th Century, several business men moved in to put their names on the area.

The area known as Laguna Beach was named after its famous counterpart in California in 1935 by a man named Joseph Broderick Lahan. Lahan, being a businessman from Birmingham was the first person to start any development at Laguna Beach. Starting off as just dirt roads and amazing beaches, he got to work with his vision of what the area could be. With the construction of real estate offices, Visitors centers, The Seahorse and what turned out to be a very successful Grocery store, today known as The Carousel.

The area over time has changed with the season’s and tides but one thing is certain the beaches of Laguna Beach still to this day holds up to its namesake defined by its beauty.