In short, it’s a plan to promote economic development, protect ecological systems, constructing of future educational, health & recreational facilities, and encourage a wide-range of housing types for residential use. What does that mean for us? Housing, jobs and more jobs.

This is an interesting article to read, which outlines the land use:

Hotels, Golf Courses, Hospitals, Industrial and Commercial use, even future schools are in the plans.  All of these investments for our future is forecasted to greatly increase economic development. With the plan still in the works, all we can do is speculate what it will mean for us.

Let’s take a look at the land assumptions for the Bay-Walton county sector plan:

  • 145,494 Residential Dwellings.
  • 4,530,000 Square feet of Retail/Commercial.
  • 6,000,000 Square feet of Industrial.
  • 11,240,000 Square feet of Office/Light industrial/Manufacturing.
  • 1,350 Hotel Beds.
  • 342 Holes of Golf.

   The plan outlines its plans for diversity within the counties lines, and balances a mixture of residential, retail and other urban uses. St. Joe plans on creating mixed-use communities with their own town centers and neighborhoods. The districts will offer employment, entertainment and commerce. The range of residential dwellings will go from rural areas to more urban with smaller lots and multi-family. They envision a cluster of small villages all connected together almost like the popular Seaside and Rosemary Beach communities.

The economic improvements will include but not be limited to a full range of industrial and commercial uses. There’s still work to be done and planning to be made. Construction of industrial and commerce parks will have proximity to highways and rail systems. Additional aviation-related commercial and service uses, along with many other warehousing and manufacturing.

   Much recreation space will be set up for possible construction of golf courses, hotels, and even shopping areas. Fishing, hiking and hunting activities are all being considered and will add to the enjoyment of the residents. Further construction will include ball fields and playgrounds.  Essential public utilities are also among the plans for the future.  This is an exciting time for Bay and Walton Counties!